Where We Are


We serve all ports and facilities in Brazil, a country of continental dimensions, with own structure or through subagents carefully selected and adequately supervised by us, in order to ensure that the quality of services delivered to our principals always meets or exceeds all expectations, at the lowest possible cost.



We are able to act as local agent a/o general agent for most ports and facilities in Colombia, where we provide guaranteed quality services to all our principals.


India, a country with a history of diverse culture and tradition in South Asia, where Shipping Protection Ship Services started operations with head office in Mumbai, and serves nowadays most Indian Ports with own structure or through a good network of subagents selected on basis of track records and regular monitoring on every scale.


Panama Canal is not only a work for us, it’s our passion and pride. SPSS office is located on the Pacific Coast of Panama, close to the Southern entrance of the Panama Canal. We are a proactive company with operations working schedule 24/7/365, aiming to serve our customers’ needs at Panama Canal and Ports in Republic of Panama.


Serving all ports and facilities in Venezuela, Shipping Protection Ship Services is committed to provide the best, most efficient and high-quality services. All our customers count on a responsible, well experienced and reliable company to act as agent on their behalf in Venezuela related to all their vessels movements, a top priority for us.